Misson: Train, Educate, And Empower.

Through certification programs and job readiness training, our aim is to empower those with challenging backgrounds in an effort to provide quality candidates to local employers.

Have you been locked out of a job for discriminating reasons?

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    Popular Courses

    • Basic Computer And Mobile Phone Course

      Basic Computer Skills:

      This basic computer skills course will provide you with an understanding of the most popular, current technologies used at home and in the workplace. In this…

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    • Construction Courses

      This course details safe operating practices for different lift models used in a variety of work environments. Topics also include stability factors, preventing a tip-over, conducting a pre-operational inspection,…

      $299.00 Add to cart
    • Manufacturing Courses

      OSHA Forklift Certification Course

      Why is forklift certification necessary?

      As you’re probably aware, OSHA requires every forklift operator to have safety training and an OSHA forklift certification card.

      As we’ve already seen,…

      $199.00 Add to cart
    • SafeServ Food Safety Certification

      The ServSafe Food Handler Certification

      Program comprehensive program provides training on the following Intended Learning Outcomes:

      Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-Contamination and Allergens, Time & Temperature, & Cleaning and Sanitation.


      $129.00 Add to cart
    • Upward Mobility Training \ Life-Application Skills

      GVS life skills training program focuses onteaching adults the transitional skills that are most relevant to them living independently as an adult such as finding and keeping a job,resume…

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    How real people said about Georgia Vocational Solutions



    “ I can’t begin to tell you how GVS has changed my life. I was struggling to land a job because I lacked the skills necessary for the job I wanted. GVS gave me those skills and now I have the job! ”



    “ This program helped me because I’ve always had an interest in construction and this program helped me. ”



    “ I am a 10-year Army veteran and was looking to bettering myself despite my past employment experiences after the military. GVS gave me and my family hope. ”



    “ I choose this program because the staff and faculty were excellent in aiding me and training me on the certification program I chose. I was excited to learn about forklift and how to operate everything and now I’m on my way of becoming an expert at it. ”

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