It’s no secret that times are a lot harder for many people in across the United States. It is currently reported that 5.9 million people are currently unemployed, yet what’s even more scary are the amount of underemployed individuals considering jumping ship from their current employers. While many are having a hard time finding employment across state lines, Atlanta’s unemployment rates have been surprisingly declining. Many public officials have reported Atlanta’s new record low of 3% in the month of May as more people entered the labor force and more workers found jobs.

Alongside many of the officials across Metro-Atlanta, Georgia Vocational Solutions (GVS) has joined this battle to ensure our community finds, not just employment, but actual livable wages. After surveying 50 of our alumni students throughout the course of our program’s journey, 67% of those students have expressed that having a certification has enabled them find better paying jobs, even while having adverse backgrounds or being homeless. There are many opportunities across Georgia that our residents don’t know about. Therefore, our solution is bringing jobs to active job searching residents within the city.

Our community residents can expect to see hybrid career fairs as we partner with many urgently hiring manufacturing & logistic companies such as Witron and Amazon. We realize that 80% of all job offers come through networking and it is important to the president of GVS that residents are given every tool and opportunity to be successful. Residents (both civilian and veterans alike) may take advantage of our job placement services that will prepare them for their job search journey to include networking prep, résumé assistance, and interview assistance.