Georgia Vocational Solutions (GVS) is redefining the Georgia community as a resource for skill building and development where students from all backgrounds can excel.

With a focus on training, education and empowerment, GVS is serving as a model for the urban-serving vocational training of the future. Through the transformational learning experiences that we provide, GVS is creating brighter futures for our students, the citizens of Georgia and beyond.

Building A Better Georgia

Located in the heart of Atlanta, GVS is rising to new heights as one of Atlanta’s sole vocational and technical schools that is designated as a Second Chance-Serving Institution and is building bridges between employers and disadvantaged workers.

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Founded In 2020

GVS Beginnings

Our Past

Founded as a solutions-based program in the Metro-Atlanta area, GVS is a comprehensive vocational certification program offering affordable, high-quality vocational training, job preparedness and life application skills.

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Our Present

Since our conception, our enrollment has grown by 150%. Through our Job Path Network hiring partners and agencies, we're enabling registrants to obtain employment opportunities and develop their technical skills.

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Our Future

GVS is going boldly into the future, growing our student body, campus, and reach within the Georgia Community.

Our Program At A Glance

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Career Fairs Conducted within various Georgia counties
Job Positions Filled In Metro-Atlanta
Percent of Job Placement Rate for Previously Convicted Persons
Job Readiness Workshops Conducted

Meet Our President

Tony Griffin Sr is the President of Georgia Vocational Solutions. As an advocate for urban-serving public higher education and abolishing employment discrimination, Griffin is passionate about GVS’s role in developing Georgia’s knowledge economy by preparing people who were disadvantaged and preparing them for their future and readiness for the demanding workforce.

“We are educating students who have the skills our city, state and nation need to address our society’s grandest challenges…they just need the opportunity.”

                                                                                                         Tony Griffin

GVS President

Our Vision

  • Empowering disadvantaged Georgia workers from employment discrimination of all types.
  • Educating Georgia’s job seekers, their families, and community on how to unlock a path to a more livable wage.
  • Training Georgia workers on various certification courses to give them the courage to apply for any job opportunity.

Our Mission

To train, educate, and empower disadvantaged workers by providing state-of-the-art vocational skills training and job readiness education for the purpose of aiding them in obtaining a livable wage job. 

Our Core Values




Our Commitment To You

Georgia Vocational Solutions, a multicultural-serving institution situated in a global city that has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures for year, values diversity and inclusion in all aspects of both your educational and vocational life. As an institution expressly founded to advance the education of prior convicted people and other underserved communities, our program is committed to ending generations of discrimination and inequity. GVS, a premier public vocational and technical school, fosters academic excellence through a community of dialogue, discovery and innovation that embraces the uniqueness of each voice.