About Us

About Georgia Vocational Solutions

Georgia Vocational Solutions (GVS) is a non-profit organization designed to empower both non-convicted and previously convicted persons through educational certification programs and job readiness training, in efforts to provide aid to Metro Atlanta communities and citizens that have been affected by legal challenges.

Across the United States, many of these individuals have been locked out of society in the form of employment, housing, and benefits even after having paid their debt to society.

Founded as a solution-based program in the Metro-Atlanta area, GVS is a comprehensive vocational certification program offering affordable, high-quality training and job opportunities.

From its conception in 2020, GVS enrollment has grown by 75 percent and serves people nearly all across the Atlanta area and has presently partnered with several various hiring companies through its Job Path Network.

Through this program, we provide resources and monetary funds to affected families through its Felons and Families Initiative. Through our ambitious team and our progressive legal and legislative partners, we hope to continue to provide meaningful opportunities across Georgia, the United States, and abroad for our students, constituents, partners, and their families.