Our goal here at Georgia Vocational Solutions is to bridge the gap between your agency’s resources and our program’s unique opportunities.  

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Be An Agency Partner | Job Path Network

Do you own an agency or non-profit who services people in need of jobs? Become an Agency Partner, all online. The GVS Job Path Network is a place where companies and agencies / non-profit organizations can engage with other partners of the GVS community by:

  • Cross-sharing job opportunities for disadvantaged workers
  • Post job & internship experiences
  • Expand your professional network 
  • Aid the Georgia community with your company’s resources and services
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Job Path Network Trek

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GVS Agency Partners have access to bundled courses for their customers and the people they support. Not only can these referred students receive job placement assistance, but they will also receive several other features while taking their certification courses, such as:

  • Job Readiness Workshops
  • Job Placement Services
  • Industry Fair Access
  • And More..!

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