Join us as we embark on GVS’ largest comprehensive fundraising campaign in history.

Our Priorities


Georgia’s public safety concerns by creating opportunities for scholarship support, experiential learning, life-changing education, and the recruitment and retainment of Georgia’s disadvantaged population.


GVS strives to attract and retain world-class faculty, endow fellowship opportunities, and drive our mission to becoming a nationally recognized vocational training option / alternative for prior convicted persons.


GVS will realize its full potential by enhancing its infrastructure and emphasizing strategic growth to create an environment of excellence for students, faculty, and staff to thrive in and producing a quality purposed workforce.

Join the GVS Legacy Challenge

A single gift can make a great impact. If you document a future gift of $50,000 or more through your estate plan, GVS will make an immediate donation to the program or area in the school that you choose!

Your gift will make an impact today and a lasting one in the future.

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Our program’s largest comprehensive campaign in history will enter its public phase in 2023. The campaign is inspiring the opportunities, innovations, and partnerships that will help shape the future of GVS, Atlanta, the State of Georgia, and beyond. GVS invites the entire GVS Alumni Community to attend the many events taking place next year to celebrate this historic campaign launch. 

GVS Scholarship Recipient is Dedicated to Supporting the Enhancement of the Georgia Community

Horace is a Georgia Vocational Solutions alumni who took our OSHA forklift Certification Course in 2021. He was struggling with landing a job for 4 years after his term in the Army. 

This caused him to have many issues with finding affordable housing causing him to move from place to place. Yet through all of Horace’s adversity, he contacted GVS for one of our 4-hour forklift certification courses. 

We found a local sponsor within the community who paid for his tuition and he was able to take the course. Horace was the first to make it to his scheduled class and through the help of our GVS team, Horace was able to land a livable wage job and connected to resources he was due as a veteran. 

 Horace represents the countless number of Georgia residents who are provided a sense of hope for the future when they have skills to help them obtain employment for a lifetime.

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