Charese has over 20 years of career coaching and development. Earning her bachelors’ degree in Business Administration and master’s degree in Liberal Arts, Charese has dedicated her life toward the advancement of the economically disadvantaged. She is an integral part of the GVS program’s culture, effectiveness, and impact.
Her years of experience include working with both higher education and elementary students both in Atlanta and Chicago and has given most of her working career toward mentoring diverse, urban students with various backgrounds. She also is affluent in both instructor staffing and faculty management working in various higher education offices including Georgia State University and Everest College.
Her daily responsibilities at Georgia Vocational Solutions include aiding in the creation of learning programs; designing courses, workshops, and faculty trainings; and developing career path initiatives for students. Her ultimate goal is to educate the disenfranchised and break the cycle of poverty within her community.

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