GVS Membership Benefits


GVS Job Path members have access to certified alumni who are ready and willing to work.

Career Fairs

GVS Job Path members have access both attend and host GVS’ mobile Career Fairs on a monthly basis–or until they find the perfect candidates.


Promote your thought leadership with people who want to hear about your company and insights on your respective industry.


Great rates and exclusive discounts on industry-specific webinars and workshops for undergrad job seekers who are looking to join companies within their majors.


Receive discounts on GVS Job Readiness Workshops from some of Georgia’s top employers such as Amazon, Witron Group, and more.


Aside from everything you’re getting from GVS, your support aids GVS in providing scholarships to disadvantaged workers in your community. Your friends, your family members, and community benefit the MOST.

You Grow As We Grow

To help you help others, Georgia Vocational Solutions will deliver new promos to your inbox each week. Whether it’s free online workshops (valued at $249+), a new toolkit, or crucial insights, it will be geared to your interests, industry, or career to keep your partnership with us fresh and innovative. With the workshops alone, you’d realize the value of your membership in just a few months.



With a growing number of professional partners across Atlanta and Georgia, you can network with other thought leaders and exchange ideas about what’s working to retain hired help. Getting involved in the GVS Job Path Network is a great way to generate relationships and aid the greater Georgia community.


Connect with peers who understand your challenges and join a network that can help you find solutions to advance your programs recruitment. GVS Network Suite Memberships includes access to Special Interest Workshops.


Gain the resources and skills you need to shape the future of equal opportunities for the Georgia community. GVS Collegiate members gain insights into what a career in the field looks like with helping disadvantaged people within their communities whether they be prior convicted or aging out of foster care. You can also expect to hear from relevant speakers and events as well as a space to network with like-minded peers.

I’m a Criminal Justice major who really wanted to understand my community and it’s different dilemmas with people wanting to re-enter society. I interned at GVS and it has opened my eyes to how bad things are for people who have paid their debt to society and want to make a change in their lives. This GVS membership has allowed me to broaden my perspective in meaningful way. A GVS Membership is an investment to any community leader and advocate for reform.

Janae Hollis



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