Job Readiness Training

Job Readiness Workshop (In-Person)



Class Meeting Location: GVS Training Center
Class Duration: Two Hours

Instructor: Nichol Verdoorn – Witron


Course Syllabus
5:00 PM-7:00 PM / In-Person 

This course will introduce students to the attitude, behaviors, critical skills, and professionalism that every employer seeks in an employee. It will further equip you with basic skills that will allow you to confidently execute your responsibilities in a professional environment. This course will be centered around 4 core areas:

  • personal qualities and abilities, like creativity, work ethic, and problem solving;
  • interpersonal skills, like conflict resolution, teamwork, and respect for diversity;
  • professional competencies, like information security, professionalism, and career and life management; and
  • job pre-requisites, such as interviewing skills, resume writing, and job search strategies.


  •  Students are expected to attend all hours of instruction in order to be granted credit for this course. If a student is absent they will forfeit their seat, and must pay full price for the next upcoming course ($400 per JRT Course)
  • If a student must be absent, arrive late, or leave early, he or she must contact the GVS Student Success office ahead of time.


Upon successful completion of this workshop, registrants will be able to

1. Communicate effectively and efficiently both verbally and digitally with employers and coworkers.

2. Properly articulate skills, strengths, and weaknesses both verbally and via resume.

3. Examine current employment strengths and weaknesses and develop tools to calibrate both.

4. Develop basic leadership and team building skills using a framework of activities and communicative approaches.

5. Discover in-demand job opportunities through vocational presentations.

6. Participate in hands-on learning environment with small group team building exercises, mock interviews, and salary negotiation.

7. Engage with Georgia industry leaders in masterclass-style training course.



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