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GVS Day is our large Saturday open house event that happens three times a year. It includes many activities like tours, presentations, workshops and more. Discover more about the program you’re interested in, hear from our employer partners, and enjoy fun activities for the whole family.

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We Believe In Second Chance Employment

The Metro-Atlanta area has a nearly 50% recidivism rate, causing pain to nearly 5000 families each year and causing taxpayers to pay nearly $30,000 a year in per-inmate cost. 

We are committed to educating both the public and business owners the value of second chance opportunities for Georgia’s prior convicted. This initiative has 3 goals:

  • Promote Second Chance Employment Opportunities
  • Provide Vocational Resources to those who have been previously incarcerated
  • Develop skills training to people with records

If this is your story, submit your information below and one of our Career Counselors will contact you within the next business day. 

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The GVS Job Path Network invite you to our Job Readiness Sessions, a hybrid series just for GVS Alumni and Job Seekers alike. Join us every second Saturday of the month as we highlight different topics to help you elevate your career, professional development, and/or job search.

Each session will start with a quick presentation with some of the nation’s top employers followed by an open Q&A session where you can also meet one-on-one with a GVS career counselor. 

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October 15: Resume Tailoring & Building | RSVP Online | RSVP In-Person
November 12: Holiday Jobs Fair | RSVP Online | RSVP In-Person